THE UNICORN by Trapatsoum

I am falling in my marvelous world
In this Earth where all is possible
Where my amazed eyes mix with the stars
With all the silver light of the moon
All the beauty of a deep white dream.
I hear the magic song of a wild animal
Galoping in a long pale-green river
I can't see it in the Nature infinity
But a huge and dark blue lake appears
With its reflection as true as the reality.
What a beautiful imaginary creature
With its long indigo-blue horn !
Its eyes are watching me through the water
I could feel its warm breathing on my face
I could perceive its majestic mane.
I try to approach this wonderfull horse
Walking slowly with a cat soft silence
Dreaming I will ride this wild unicorn.
But the silver light disappear from my mind
When I awake in my pale-green broadcloths
With an indigo-blue soft light in my bedroom.

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